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LED Retrofit of Streetlights Project

Oregon City - Example of LED Retrofit

On October 22, 2013, the City Council voted to approve the first phase of the streetlight retrofit project to purchase and install approximately 1,400 LED streetlight fixtures.  The first phase comprises about 40% of the streetlight system, since there are roughly 3,680 streetlights citywide.  There are many different styles of streetlights throughout the City; however, this project only focuses on retrofitting “cobrahead” style streetlights.   The installations started on February 20, 2014 and are anticipated to conclude by the end of December 2014.  The attached map shows where the retrofits will occur throughout the City.

Quick Facts

  • There is an energy savings of between 55% and 85% by switching to LEDs.
  • After grants, the project will cost the City about $400,000.
  • The upgrade to LEDs will lead to costs decreasing by at least $110,000 per year as a result of energy and maintenance savings.
  • The expenditure savings will pay the City back in less than 4 years. After 4 years, the additional savings will go towards funding street-related needs.
  • The LEDs have a manufactures warranty of 10 years, but are anticipated to last for at least 20 years.


  • Improved lighting conditions for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Improved night visibility due to higher color rendition and higher color temperature
  • Increased light uniformity and distribution of light between poles
  • Minimized light pollution which increases night sky visibility
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Four to five times longer lifespan
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs
  • More environmentally friendly because LED lights do not contain mercury or lead and are 100% recyclable

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Anthony Hooper, Public Works Director, at (503) 697-7422 or