Maintenance Center Project

Project Summary: Maintenance Center:

The City of Lake Oswego began construction of the new Maintenance Center on July 11, 2016. The new complex is being built on the same property as the existing maintenance center on Jean Road, and will include a new administration building with maintenance and fleet shops, a decant facility, and storage for vehicles and equipment. As an alternative to the traditional competitive bidding process, the City decided to use a Construction Manager General Contractor (CM/GC) Method, as it allows for more collaboration and flexibility on the complex design of this project. Use of CM/GC also allowed the City to negotiate a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) before construction began. The “do not exceed” GMP has been set at $10,631,287 for construction, with another $3 million allocated for “soft costs”, which include owners representative charges, architectural fees, and costs for new equipment, furniture, and moving.  The total budget has been set at $13,632,000. Construction will take place in several strategic phases, as staff will remain working on site while construction takes place. Staff will begin moving into new buildings in September. Full completion of the project is expected in early November 2017.

Sustainability Measures

This project strives to incorporate several sustainability measures into the newly constructed facilities. During the design phase, the project team collaborated with the Lake Oswego Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) to hold an Eco Charrette. The charrette generated ideas about different sustainability measures that could be incorporated into the facilities. Then, the SAB conducted a payback analysis to determine which measures would be the most efficient. A sustainability package of $168,000 was recommended, and City Council approved. Sustainability items for the new facilities include the following:

-Three electric charging stations for resident and employee vehicles (personal and city-owned)
-A solar hot water system
-20 “solar tube” skylights to eliminate need for artificial lighting
-Installation of a Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC system, which heats and cools at varying rates, saving energy

In addition, the project includes $176,300 in solar infrastructure. The City is partnering with the Energy Trust of Oregon and anticipates receiving $51,000 in incentives towards this cost.

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5705 Jean Rd
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