Meet the newest Street Sweeper - A7 Tornado

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The new sweeper is designed with efficiency in mind and has options to make cleaning our roads a little easier for the crews that drive it. The sweeper comes equipped with two diesel engines, one to power the motor, and the other for the vacuum that sucks up debris and leaves, reducing the amount that enters our storm water systems and creeks, and improving water quality in Lake Oswego.

The sweeper can collect as much as 8.4 cubic yards of debris (equivalent to 1,700 gallons of ice cream) with each trip out! A few other features include:

  • Remote cameras and GPS tracking
  • Underneath cameras so the driver can see what is happening on the road
  • Travels 6 mph when working and at normal speeds for travel
  • American Made
  • Abrasion Resistant Steel in Critical Wear Areas
  • Steering wheel on each side allowing the driver to drive it like a normal truck on the roads or sit curb side when working
  • A Whisper Wheelsm Fan System that is quieter and uses less fuel than other designs
  • Sweeps going in reverse

In 2012, the City Council prioritized a purchase of sweeper due to repair costs and lack of reliability in the current fleet. The new sweeper is an A7 Tornado and is the star of the Name the Street Sweeper Contest and the subject for the Coloring Contest caricature.

The recommended life span for a street sweeper is about 5 years. Our current sweepers, ages 12, 9, and 8 years, often spend 1 hour in the City repair shop for every 6 hours on the road or on average one day a week! The new street sweeper will allow the retirement of the sweeper in the poorest condition.

The City Council approved the purchase of a street sweeper and a vactor truck (which cleans catch basins) as part of this year’s budget. The purchase was made with general fund dollars made available through property tax revenue. Street sweeping services are provided through the Surface Water Fund.

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