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The People Behind LO and Tigard's Drinking Water

Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership

Let’s celebrate National Drinking Water Week and our unsung heroes!

Tap water provides public health protection, fire suppression, drives our economy and supports the quality of life we enjoy.

When you turn on your tap, your water arrives from a complex system operated and maintained by dedicated professionals. This week we celebrate the critical role water plays in our daily lives, and give thanks to the many people and infrastructure that delivers clean, safe drinking water to homes and businesses every day.

Lake Oswego and Tigard have so much to celebrate. With the recent completion of our new water pipelines – the backbone of the water system - we now have the most reliable and resilient water system in Oregon. In the coming months, we will also enjoy an advanced treatment process that will produce safer and better tasting water year-round.

To celebrate National Drinking Water Week (May 1-7), we are sharing the story of the people who work day and night to deliver the highest quality drinking water available to your home. They provide an essential service running your water system safely. They are unsung heroes in our communities.

VIDEO:  Our Unsung Heroes - The people behind Lake Oswego & Tigard’s drinking water

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