Land Use Case File
LU 08-0028
Review Body
Development Review Commission
Hearing Date and Time

Hearing continued to 2/2/09 @ 7 PM


David & Colleen Maslen

Location of Property

2711 Summit Drive

Tax Map/Lot
21E 8DA TL: 2400

The Applicant is requesting the following:

  • A Resource Preservation (RP) district delineation; and,
  • The following setback modifications pursuant to LOC 50.16.040 to construct additions to the existing dwelling, which is within the RP buffer area on the site:
  • Reduction in the front yard setback along Springbrook Court from 25 feet to five feet for the dwelling and to two feet for a front porch; and,
  • Reduction in the north side yard setback from 10 feet to five feet.
Notice of Public Hearing
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Notice of Decision
Findings, Conclusions and Order
This case has been referred to the State of Oregon Circuit Court
Writ of Mandamus