Land Use Case File
LU 08-0043
Hearing Body
Administrative Review

Scott Bullard & Mark Allers

Location of Property

13751, 13765, and 13777 Cameo Court

Tax Map/Lots

21E 4CA TL: 400

21E 4BD TL: 1401, 1501


The Applicant is requesting the following:

  • Lot line adjustments between Tax Lots 400, 1401, and 1501;
  • One-parcel partition to legalize Tax Lot 1401 (flag lot); and,
  • Resource Conservation (RC) delineation and RC Protection Area determination on Tax Lot 1501 (the applicant is required to designate a minimum of 50% of the delineated RC district as an RC Protection Area).
Notice of Application
Notice of Application (Second Notice)
Notice of Decision
Staff Report
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