Land Use Case File
LU 08-0060
Hearing Body
Administrative Review

Fred Charley (O&A)

Location of Property

1264 North Shore Road

Tax Map/Lot
21E 10BB TL: 08100

The Applicant is requesting the following:

A Residential Infill Design (RID) Review approval for the following exceptions to the R-10 zone requirements in order to construct a 2nd story deck addition to an existing single-family dwelling:


  • A 15-foot exception to the required 30-foot rear yard setback, resulting in a 15-foot rear yard.
  • A 10-foot exception to the 25-foot Oswego Lake setback resulting in a 15-foot Oswego Lake setback.
  • A 6% exception to increase the allowed 25% lot coverage to 30.92%.
Notice of Decision
Staff Report