Land Use Case File
LU 08-0063
Hearing Body
Development Review commission
Hearing Date
November 3, 2008

Doris Baird (O)

Location of Property

4320 Douglas Way

Tax Map/Lot
21E 08BC TL: 13800

The Applicant is requesting the following:

Approval of a modification of a Conditional Use Permit (LU 00-0072/AP01-01) to increase the student body of the existing Montessori School by four students; from 12 to 16 students.  No modifications to the existing structure or the site are proposed as a part of this application.

Notice of Public Hearing
Staff Report
Staff Report Exhibits Pt. 1
Staff Report Exhibits Pt. 2
Staff Report Exhibits Pt. 3
Staff Report Exhibits Pt. 4
Notice of Decision
Findings, Conclusions and Order