Land Use Case File
LU 08-0075
Hearing Body
Administrative Review

Windsor Properties, LLC

Location of Property

5650 Lakeview Blvd.

Tax Map/Lot
21E 18CA TL: 400

The Applicant is requesting the following:

Approval of a modification to a development permit (LU 05-0026), an approved partition that created two parcels and approved a Class 1 variance for a 20% reduction to the rear yard setback requirement.  Although the intent was to apply the Class 1 variance for the benefit of the existing house on Parcel 1, the Notice of Application and Notice of Decision issued by the City for LU 05-0026 incorrectly stated that the Class 1 variance approval was for Parcel 2.  This application seeks to modify LU 05-0026 to correct this error.

Notice of Application
Notice of Decision
Staff Report & Exhibits