Land Use Case File
LU 09-0001
Review Body
Administrative Review

Donna Carnegie and Mark & Joan Franken

Location of Property

15600, 15642, 15654, 15700 Twin Fir Rd

Tax Map/Lots
21E 08AC TL: 5000, 5100, 5101, 5102

The Applicant is requesting approval of a Development Review Permit for the following:

  • A lot line adjustment between 15600 Twin Fir Road and 15700 Twin Fir Road.  This lot line adjustment is classified as minor development, subject to public notice and opportunity for appeal, because the allowable residential density at 15600 Twin Fir Road is affected.  (However, no application for further residential development at 15600 Twin Fir Road has been submitted.)

  • A lot line adjustment between 15700 Twin Fir Road and 15654 Twin Fir Road.  This development is classified as ministerial, not subject to requirements for public notice or opportunity for appeal, because the adjustment does not affect the potential density of either parcel.  It is included in this notice for reference, only.  (Note: As part of the re-plat to record this lot line adjustment, 15654 Twin Fir Road and 15642 Twin Fir Road are proposed to be consolidated into a single lot.  Both lots are under the same ownership.)
Notice of Application
Notice of Decision
Staff Report & Exhibits