Land Use Case File
LU 09-0004
Review Body
Planning Commission
Work Session
July 27, 2009

Hearing Date

(August 10, 2009)

The Planning Commission has forwarded their recommendation of "approval" to the City Council for consideration.


City of Lake Oswego (A)

Location of Property and Tax Map(s)/Lot(s)


Inquiries regarding this proposal may be directed to

Johanna Hastay, Associate Planner, at (503) 635-0290.


The applicant requests approval for amendments to Community Development Code, specifically the residential and Public Functions (PF) zones and the Conditional Use standards, to amend the maximum lot coverage for schools.

Public Hearing Notice
Findings, Conclusions & Order - Approved
Staff Memo-Work Session (dated 03/02/09)
Staff Memo-Work Session (dated 07/24/09)
Staff Report-Public Hearing (dated 07/31/09)
Supplemental Staff Memo-Public Hearing (dated 08/06/09)

Draft Ordinances

Exhibit A-1 Ordinance 2543 – Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 (dated 06/26/09)


Exhibit C-1Planning Commission Minutes – 03/09/09

Staff Reports & Memorandums

Exhibit D-1:  Staff Memo, dated 03/02/09
Exhibit D-2:  Staff Memo, dated 07/24/09

Exhibit E-1:  Aerial Photos of Schools

(this is a large file and could take several minutes to display)

Exhibit E-2:  Aerial Photos of Churches

(this is a large file and could take several minutes to display)

Exhibit E-3:  Lot Coverage Display Board, submitted by Jim Bolland on 08/10/09
Written Materials
Exhibit F-1: Original 2003 building design code language (Excerpt from Infill Ordinance Enacted by City Council July 13, 2003)
Exhibit F-2:  Front Setback Plane Diagram
Exhibit F-3:  Public Functions Zone [LOC Article 50.13A]
Exhibit F-4:  Table A - Maximum Lot Coverage for Schools in All Zones in Lake Oswego
Exhibit F-5:  Table B - Lot Coverage Calculations for Existing Schools (Public & Private) and Churches
Exhibit F-6:  Table C - Sample of Private Schools Outside the City of Lake Oswego
Exhibit F-7:  Table D - Lot Coverage Standards for Schools in Other Jurisdictions

Exhibit F-8:  Table E – Comparison of Development Standards for Schools in all Zones

Exhibit F-9: Memo from Evan Boone, Religious Land Use and Incarcerated Persons Act (RLUIPA), dated March 20, 2009
Exhibit F-10:  Letter from Mark Stayer, RLUIPA, dated 04/15/09
Exhibit F-11:  Letter from Mark Stayer, RLUIPA, dated 05/11/09
Exhibit F-12:  Code from Oregon City – Institutional District
Exhibit F-13: Code from Tualatin – Institutional Planning District
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Study Session Date
Public Hearing
December 1, 2009