Land Use Case File
LU 09-0009
Review Body
Development Review Commission
Hearing Date
August 3, 2009

George Puterbaugh, Trustee (O&A)

George & Mary Glass (O&A)

Location of Property

16715 Phantom Bluff Dr.

Tax Map/Lots
21E 09CC TL: 1900, 1902

The Applicant is requesting the following:

  • A one-parcel Minor Partition for Tax Lot 1902
  • A Class 2 variance to the Access Standard [50.57.015] for Tax Lot 1902 as part of the partition request.  This standard requires every lot to provide a 25-foot frontage on a public street.  Tax Lot 1902 does not have any frontage on a public street.
  •  A lot line adjustment between Tax Lots 1900 and 1902
  • Class 2 variances to the lot width and depth standards for Tax Lot 1902
  • Removal of seven trees  
Notice of Public Hearing
Staff Report
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 1
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 2
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 3
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 4
Staff Report Exhibits pt. 5
Letter G-200 (received 7/30/09)
Exhibit F-11 (received 8/3/09)
Puterbaugh Partition History
New information submitted 8-26-09 by 5 pm
Staff Memo dated 9-4-09
Notice of Decision
Findings, Conclusions and Order
City Council Appeal
Notice of Appeal