Land Use Case File



LU 11-0036
Review Body
Planning Commission

Hearing Date

December 12, 2011

The Planning Commission made a tentative decision on December 12, 2011 to forward a recommendation for approval to the City Council.

On January 9, 2012 the Planning Commission finalized their decision for approval and adopted the Findings, Conclusions and Order.

The City Council is scheduled to consider the Planning Commission's recommendation on February 21, 2012.


City of Lake Oswego (A)

Location of Property and

Tax Map(s)/Lot(s)


Inquiries regarding this proposal may be directed to

Jessica Numanoglu, Senior Planner, at (503) 635-0283.



A proposal by the City of Lake Oswego for Community Development Code text and Comprehensive and Zoning Map amendments to:

  1. Consolidate, reorganize, and make minor text amendments to the following chapters of the Lake Oswego City Code:


Chapter 50 – Community Development Code

Chapter 57 – Solar Access

Chapter 58 – Historic Preservation

Article 45.15 – Fences

      2. Rename the following zoning districts for clarity and consistency (there are no

          changes to regulations or density proposed):

DD zone (Old Town Design District) to be renamed R-DD

WR zone (Waterfront Cabana District) to be renamed R-W

R-2.5 to be renamed WLG R-2.5 (West Lake Grove R-2.5)

OC/R-2.5 to be renamed WLG RMU (West Lake Grove Residential Mixed Use)

OC/NC to be renamed WLG OC (West Lake Grove Office Commercial)



Legislative Public Hearing Notice, dated 11/22/11

Exhibit A-1 Draft Ordinance 2579

Attachment B (Draft Code - Reorganization,


Attachment B (Draft Code - 12/2011)

Exhibit F-1 Code Reorganization Work Group Items & Recommendations
Exhibit F-2 Reverse Index for Code Sections in Current & Draft Code
Exhibit F-3 Errata Sheet (lists major corrections/changes made since the publication the 09/2011 Draft Code)
Public Hearing
Tentatively scheduled for February 21, 2012