Community Development Code Audit

(PP 09-0007)




This Planning project has been completed. This page is no longer being updated and is intended for background information only.  To learn about the next step, code reorganization, click here.




The City’s Community Development Code (Chapter 50 – “CDC”) and its associated ordinances regulate development and use of land in the City.  The associated ordinances include Chapters 55 (Trees), 58 (Historic Preservation), 38 (Utilities), 42 (Streets and Sidewalks), 47 (Signs), 57 (Solar Access), and 45.15 (Fences). 


Community members, appointed and elected officials and staff have all expressed concerns that these codes are complex and difficult to navigate.  To address this issue, the City Council has directed staff to undertake an audit of the CDC and related chapters.  The purpose of the audit is to identify problems with the organization, readability, and use of the code and to flag substantive issues for future consideration.                                      


The project consultant, Clarion Associates, LLC, gathered input from a variety of stakeholders in March 2010, including members of City boards and commissions, the development community, staff, and the public.  Thanks to everyone that provided input by participating in the stakeholder meetings and filling out the online survey.

The development code audit was completed by the consultant in late May and a draft of the audit report was presented in a joint Planning Commission and Development Review Commission meeting on June 14, 2010.  The report outlines recommendations to simplify the code and will serve as a springboard for public discussion of a possible future update of the CDC.  See the link, below, to view the final code audit report.

The final audit report will be presented to the City Council in a study session on July 27th.  The study session will be held in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.






If you have any questions about this project, please contact the City’s project manager: 

Jessica Numanoglu, at (503) 635-0283



Background Information and Documents

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