Foothills District Redevelopment Plan

Project Summary and Schedule

Lake Oswego’s Foothills area lies between the Willamette River and the city’s downtown. The Foothills District Refinement Plan project will develop an integrated land use and transportation plan for the transformation of the area from predominately industrial uses to mixed uses, served by multiple modes of transportation. The project is a follow-up to a city-sponsored vision plan for the Foothills area that, in addition to mixed-use redevelopment, emphasized public space and improved connections from downtown to the river. One connective element, which came to be called “the Willamette Steps,” was a major piece of the envisioned redevelopment, intended to enhance the identity of the Foothills area and to traverse steep terrain.

The Foothills area is generally considered to be prime redevelopment land, adjacent to a downtown area with strong real estate demand.  The major issues to be addressed in this project are:

Project Boundaries

The project area is bounded by the Willamette River on the east, ORE43 on the west, Tryon Creek on the north, and the Oswego Pointe development on the south.  For the consideration of street connections to the north and south, the study area extends between Briarwood Road and Leonard Street.

Project Area Description

The Foothills District is approximately 19 acres, and is mostly flat with steep grades at the riverfront and just east of ORE 43. The Willamette Greenway Management District extends 150 feet westward along the Willamette from the river’s low water mark. Freight rail tracks run north and south at the western edge of the district. The district contains 14 parcels, with major property owners being the City of Lake Oswego, Public Storage, Toklat Industries, and the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. Most property is designated as industrial in both the comprehensive plan and zoning map. Currently, the dominant uses are industrial businesses, a wastewater treatment plan, and an electrical substation. A waterfront park is currently under construction.



Transportation Relationship and Benefits

The project will develop a land use and redevelopment plan for the Foothills area that assures that land uses and densities are consistent with needed multi-modal transportation improvements.  The redevelopment plan will include provisions for local streets, connections to the existing arterial/collector system, and multi-modal system improvements, including the potential extension of streetcar service through this area, to ensure that redevelopment will be served by multiple modes of transportation.

Project Objectives

Produce adoptable comprehensive plan and zoning code amendments to implement the preferred land use and transportation alternatives consistent with other project objectives

Updated Schedule (10-20-04)

Updated Schedule (10-20-04)

Selection of Consultants

The consultant team of OTAK/DKS was selected in October 2004.

City Council Appointment of Foothills Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

The City Council appointed the Foothills CAC at its September 7, 2004 Council meeting.  Committee members include:


Stakeholder Group

John Turchi, CAC Chair

City Council

Lynn Peterson

City Council

Julia Glisson

Planning Commission

Frank Orem

Transportation Advisory Board

Russell Jones

Natural Resources Advisory Board

Cary Strauch

Parks & Rec. Advisory Board

Robert Wagner

Affordable Housing Task Force

Bruce Freed

Lakewood NA

Bari Thompson

First Addition NA

Jeannie McGuire

Old Town NA

Warren Bacon

Evergreen NA

Renee Carr

Foothills NA

Rob L. Fallow

Property Owner in Plan Boundary

James R. Mreen

Property Owner in Plan Boundary

Steve Behrndt

Property Owner in Plan Boundary

Doug Jost

Downtown Area Business Owner

Ray Totten

Chamber of Commerce

Colleen Labbee

Resident in Plan Boundary

Herb Fricke


Dee Denton


Dick Loffelmacher


For more information please contact Sidaro Sin, project coordinator at 503-697-7421 or e-mail us.