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100 Mile Challenge

TriMet bus at LO Transit station

2013 Challenge Results & Winners

The 2013 Lake Oswego 100 Mile Challenge has come to a successful conclusion. The Challenge provided active transportation information, tools, and incentives to encourage Lake Oswego residents and workers to leave the car at home and walk, bike, bus, or use another car-free option to get around.

Throughout the Challenge, which ran from April through December, 156 participants logged over 16,627 active transportation trips totaling more than 113,400 miles (almost twice as many miles as the 2012 Challenge), reduced CO2 emissions by almost 73,000 pounds, and saved over 3,900 gallons of gasoline and $25,200. Fifty-three people logged 500 miles, which put them in the running for the 500 Mile grand prize – a new bike courtesy of the Lake Oswego Bike Gallery, with an additional 48 people logging 100 miles, which put them in the running for the 100 Mile grand prize, a $100 Patagonia gift card.

The 500 Mile winner, Roman, commutes by bike between Tualatin and downtown Lake Oswego. Roman says, “Active transportation means exactly that. Being active in today’s sedentary world is crucial in order to give the human body much needed movement. Riding my bike to work helps preserve the environment plus I get to know my neighborhood from a different perspective. Every time I get to ride my bike I feel like a kid again.” Roman works as a personal trainer and his commuting by bike has motivated some of his clients to start bike commuting. He draws inspiration from John Fitzgerald Kennedy who said, “Nothing compares to a simple joy of riding a bike”.

The 100 Mile winner, Rhonda, lives in Lake Oswego and commutes by bus to Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Rhonda says, “I simply use TriMet because it’s the most efficient way to commute to OHSU and leaves parking for those who need it most.” She finds that even with the cost of a transit pass, it is still a better alternative than paying to park on the hill. “Because there is an express bus to OHSU mornings and afternoons at peak hours, it is very easy to park at the transit station (either Tigard Cinemas or Barbur Blvd) and ride with friends 20 minutes to work. This also takes the stress out of driving up the hill in inclement weather.” She adds, “I have had a parking pass, been in a carpool, and ridden the bus for my 20+ years working in Portland. Taking the bus is definitely the best choice.”

Program Overview

Looking for inspiration or motivation to get out of the car and find a better way to get around? The 100 Mile Challenge is an active transportation program that provides an opportunity for all of us to rethink how we get around, especially trips within two miles of home. Just leave your car at home; walk, bike, bus, or use another car-free option to get there; log your trips; and qualify for prizes.

Having trouble signing up or using the trip tracking web site? Check out the videos linked at the bottom of this page for tips on common registration and trip logging questions, including: Video 1 - How to Register for the 100 Mile Challenge; and Video 2 - How to Log Trips and Use the Drive Less Connect Website.

Win Prizes!

Participants who log active transportation trips as part of the 100 Mile Challenge may be eligible to win prizes, or incentives, each month during the Challenge and one of two year-end grand prizes. All car-free trips to, from, and within Lake Oswego count; simply travel and log the specified number of miles and you are entered to win.

New for 2013 was a chance to win one of three monthly prizes, plus a chance to win one of two grand prizes at the close of the Challenge. Each month three incentives valued at approximately $25 will be awarded (chosen randomly from qualified participants), as follows:

  • One for a person that has walked 25 miles during that month, and
  • Two for participants that have biked, walked, used transit, or any other car-free option for 100 miles during that month.

At the end of 2013, participants who have reached 100 miles or 500 miles by the end of the Challenge are entered to win one of two grand prizes (valued at approximately $100 and $500, respectively).

2013 Prizes

Thank you to our 100 Mile Challenge prize sponsors! Interested in being a monthly prize sponsor? Contact us to find out how.

Active Transportation Resources

When you sign up for the Challenge, you can request a reusable bag with these helpful resources, while supplies last:

  • Metro's Bike There! map,
  • Metro's Walk There! book,
  • Lake Oswego area maps,
  • TriMet information and route map,
  • A 10% off coupon to the Bike Gallery, and
  • A reflective safety arm band.

Additional resources are available to help you on the road to meeting the 100 Mile Challenge, including the following:

Find additional resources and resources for employers in the documents linked at the bottom of this page.

Encourage your friends, family, co-workers, and employees to join us in finding more enjoyable and healthy ways to get from here to there! Help us spread the word by sharing the 100 Mile Challenge flyer.

For more information or questions, contact us by email or at 503-635-0291.

The 100 Mile Challenge is an outreach program of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Advisory Board.

2012 Challenge Results

Throughout the 2012 Challenge, which ran from July through December, 214 participants logged over 60,000 active transportation miles, reduced CO2 emissions by almost 40,000 pounds, and saved over 2,000 gallons of gasoline and $13,500. Ninety-one people logged 100 miles, which put them in the running for the grand prize – a new bike from the Bike Gallery. The grand prize winner commutes between Beaverton and Lake Oswego by bike and transit.

The 2012 100 Mile Challenge was funded through the City's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.

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