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Electric Vehicle Charging

EV Charging Sign

With concerns about rising fuel costs and global warming, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a viable, economical transportation option. To encourage and meet this growing demand, the City has worked with regional partners and state-wide programs to install electric vehicle charging stations in downtown. While most vehicle charging happens primarily at people’s homes or businesses, public charging stations provide convenient charging for people visiting the downtown area.

To learn more about EV charging station installations by municipalities in Oregon and Washington, check out this backgrounder from the Pembina Institute.

Blink Level 2 Charging Stations

In 2012, the City installed two Level 2 Blink charging stations in the public parking lot located at 500 First Street, which are part of a growing network of EV charging stations in the metro area and Oregon. The charging stations were installed at no-cost to the City as part of the EV Project, a pilot program funded through the U.S. Department of Energy.

The cost to charge up at a Blink charging station is $1.00 to $2.00 per hour, depending on Blink membership type. As with all of the spaces in this public lot, parking for EV's is time-limited to two hours. More information about the Blink Network and locations and availability of Blink charging stations can be found using the Blink web site. At the end of the pilot program, which runs through April 2014, the City has the option to retain the units. The units can be easily removed from the building and relocated to a new site at a future date.

Level 1 PGE Pilot

In 2008, the City joined forces with Portland General Electric to install a Level 1 station at the northwest corner of A Avenue and 2nd Street to help develop and test the transportation infrastructure needed to support plug-in vehicles.

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Blink Level 2 Charging StationLevel 1 Charging StationLevel 1 Station in Use