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Lake Oswego Commute Challenge

LO Commute Challenge

Green Superhero

2015 Challenge Starts August 29!

Join the LO Commute Challenge between August 29 and October 4 and start tracking all your trips made on foot, by bike, on TriMet, unicycle, skateboard, kayak, SUP or more and be in to win prizes ranging from bike pumps, to massages, restaurant vouchers, and more!  For the social media savvy, upload your photos of your trips to Instagram using #LOCommuteChallenge for additional prizes.

There will be several community events in September as part of the challenge, including a Lake Oswego to Lake Grove Guided Bike Ride and 5 Parks Walk.

Click HERE to see our exciting schedule of events!

Need to log your miles? You can do that at!

Missed a few days of logging? No worries! You can go back and fill in your trips. Keep track using an app like Strava and then head to the website to log your trips. All trips logged between August 29-October 4 will count towards your total.

This year we are excited to rollout a brand new Commute Challenge! Join your fellow LO residents in replacing your daily car trips with walking, biking, TriMet, etc., while participating in our fun, new, community event. Save gas, burn calories, get to know your community and learn how to get around LO safely outsides of your car. We are still working out the final details, but look forward to the following changes:

  • Track your miles and trips on our new website LakeOswego.City/Commutes to earn badges, compete with friends, create employee teams and win prizes!
  • Any car free travel is eligible to participate- bike, bus, MAX, walk, canoe, kayak, unicycle, scooter...whatever works for you!
  • Upload photos to Instagram with the hashtag #LOCommuteChallenge and be in to win prizes for:
    • Most Creative Commute
    • Best Workplace Alternative Commute Ensemble
    • Best Safety Gear Getup
    • Walked to School and Loved It
    • ...and more
  • Weekend events focused on Bike Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Guided Walks and Rides, How to Use TriMet


I'm a High School student. Can I participate?

Yes! You do not have to be over 18 to participate. Your walks and bike rides to school, friends houses, job, activities all count!

I walk/bike for exercise. Does that count?

No, it does not count. The Commute Challenge is designed to encourage residents to replace their car trips with other modes. While it is FANTASTIC that you have an active lifestyle, see if you can get more miles in on your feet or on your bike by replacing some of those car trips and be eligible to win prizes!

It's called the Commute Challenge. Do my trips to the store count?

Yes! Any trip that you would normally make your car- errands, commuting, dropping kids off at school, etc.- but you now make on foot, bike or other mode will count for this challenge.

I have an electric vehicle. Does that count?

First of all: YAY! That's great that you have purchased an electric vehicle. For this event though, we are encouraging people to make car free trips. There are many benefits to this including: becoming more familiar with the community, understanding the options available to residents for biking and cycling, raising awareness on safety issues, getting some good exercise, and having fun!

I really want to participate, but I am nervous and not sure how to get around safely.

You are not alone! We are hoping this event will help residents feel more confident on their bikes and as pedestrians. We have scheduled some weekend workshops on bike and pedestrian safety, as well as some guided rides and walks that may help give you some ideas about how to get around. These are a great place to start! We also hope to do a little "drivers ed" to increase awareness on behalf of drivers for all you cyclists and walkers out there.

I'm in. But I need a bike. Where can I get one?

Although you do not have to be a cyclist to participate, this is a great opportunity to get into biking if that's what you would like to do! In LO, we are lucky enough to have the Bike Gallery and Lakeside Bicycles, who can get you set up with the right equipment to fit your needs.

What happened to the 100 Mile Challenge? Do we still need to go 100 miles to win prizes?

The Sustainability Advisory Board decided that while the 100 Mile Challenge was great for some, it was mostly attracting people who were already commuting using alternative modes. The event was re-designed this year to not set a mileage target, but rather to attract new residents, provide an educational component, and focus on fun community-based events. You will notice that there are badges available on the tracking tool that are (somewhat) based on mileage, so there will still be bragging rights and a few mileage based prizes!

Business Information

The Commute Challenge is looking for Lake Oswego businesses to be event partners. Businesses can help make this event a success in a number of ways:

  • Donate prizes for event participants- gift cards, vouchers, gift bags, shirts, small (or big!) items have all been very popular in the past.
  • Event partners can advertise their business! While we don't give out "goodie bags" to every person who registers, we are able to send out eCoupons and vouchers as people sign up. If you are new in town, this is a great way to get the word out about your event!
  • Partnering to make this event a success means your business name and logo will be added to our marketing materials, website, articles, and more!

Business partners are also needed for the following activities:

  • We are hugely supportive of employers encouraging their employees to participate. Form a team, send us photos, let us know what you did to motivate your employees to take part!

Please contact Jenny at or 503-635-0291 if you would like your business to get involved. Community support will ensure that this event is a success!

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