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City of Lake Oswego Lakeview Village by Michael Berger 2013

Secure Document Shredding

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15% Off Shredding Coupon!

Did you miss the opportunity to shred your sensitive documents during Community Shred Day? The UPS Store on 335 S State St, Suite V is offering 15% off shredding costs when you bring in this voucher! Gather up your shredding to dispose of at a convenient time with no long lines to wait in. Thanks to Don and the team at the UPS Store for offering this discount to help meet shredding needs in LO!

Community Shred Day Results!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Community Shred Day this year! We were able to shred 11, 580 pounds (5.79 tons) of paper! This equates to 108 carts- the most we have ever shredded with one truck! Additionally, we donated 424 lbs of food to the Oregon Food Bank and approximately that much to St Vincent de Paul- thank you everyone for your donations.

The environmental impact of Shred Day was also significant. The following metrics were provided by EnviroShredNW:

Amount Saved Financial Value
98 Trees saved $24,500
40,530 Gallons of water saved $182.39
23,739 Kw of energy saved $1899.12
347 lbs of pollutants kept from atmosphere $1735.00
29 cubic yards of landfill saved $1450.00
Total Financial Value of Event $29,766 51


Year-Round Resources

Due to our sale of the West End Building, the City is trying to determine the future of Shred Day, given the space needs and excessive traffic this event generates. However, residents can shred their documents securely, year-round. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make use of our 20% off coupon for shredding at the UPS Store, posted below!
  • Organize a neighborhood shred event. Get your neighbors together and set up a shredding block party. No long traffic lines to sit in, and a guarantee that the truck will not fill up before you get your chance to shred! Contact EnviroShred for more information on how to rent a shred truck for a morning!
  • KGW and IKEA both run very large shredding events throughout the year. Check their website for more information.

If we are able to find a location that accommodate the long lines and traffic that Shred Day generates, we will advertise the event date and time widely. Keep in mind that idling in cars for long periods of time while waiting to shred is in itself, not very sustainable. Thus, we encourage residents to look into one of the options listed above for your secure shredding needs.

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