Early Literacy Newsletter

Issue 11

What is Early Literacy? Early Literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write. Research shows that children get ready to read years before they start school. There are six early literacy skills that parents can incorporate into their children's daily life. These six skills are: Vocabulary, Print Motivation, Print Awareness, Narrative Skills, Phonological Awareness, and Letter Knowledge. More detailed information about these six skills is available at

You can help your baby, toddler and preschooler learn important skills now so they can become good readers. There are many simple and fun ways to do this. We invite you to bring your child to Library storytimes, which utilize research-based techniques to build early literacy skills. This newsletter will help you extend storytime benefits by including book-related activites, fingerplays and crafts.

Poetry is a fun way to stimulate phonological awareness, which is the child's ability to hear the smaller sounds in spoken words and recognize rhyming words. In this issue we feature poetry collections for preschoolers and picture books with rhyming texts.





Poetry Books for Preschoolers


heres a little poem
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button up
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on the farm
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more pocket poems

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in the wild
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dizzy dinosaurs

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switching on the moon
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aunt giraffe

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     Fingerplay for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Rhymes can help children look more carefully at the natural world around them. Use rhymes to start conversations with your child. This rhyme gives you a chance to talk about turtles.




I had a little turtle. (Make a fist with thumb poking through.)

He lived in a box. ( Cover fist with other hand.)

He swam in the water. (Make swimming motions.)

And he climbed over rocks. (Make climbing motions)

He snapped at a minnow. (Make a grabbing motion)

He snapped at a flea. (Make a grabbing motion)

He snapped at a mosquito. (Make a grabbing motion)

And he snapped at me! (Make a grabbing motion)

He caught the minnow. (Clap cupped hands.)

He caught the flea.  (Clap cupped hands.)

He caught the mosquito. (Clap cupped hands.)

 But he didn't catch me!  (Point to yourself.)



Book and Literacy Activity

dont slam the door

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Don't Slam the Door by Dori Chaconas is a delightful cumulative, rhyming story that promotes phonological awareness and narrative skills.


After reading the story try making up some rhyming riddles about the animals in the book. Here are a few examples:

It likes to eat bones and rhymes with log.  DOG

It swims in a pond and rhymes with luck.  DUCK

It's soft and purrs and rhymes with hat.  CAT

Re-read the story and ask your child to predict what will happen next.


Picture Books with CDs

The library has a collection of books with read-along CD audiobooks. The audiobooks are read by talented narrators and include lively music. Here are three books from our collection that have rhyming texts.

circus ship

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bats at the beach

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sue macdonald

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New Book for Toddlers


baby says moo

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Ride along with Baby and her family from the busy city to the quiet countryside. As they pass different animals, the parents ask Baby what each creature says and Baby always answers "Moo!"

Filled with sweet rhymes and adorable art, Baby Says "Moo!" is a perfect book for toddlers.


Rhymes For Babies  


Rickety, rickety rocking horse

("Ride" baby on knees)

Over the hills we go.

Rickety, rickety, rocking horse,

Giddy-up, giddy-up, whoa!

(Gently rock baby back in lap and hug baby)

A little frog in a pond am I,

Hippity, hippity, hop.

(Bounce baby on lap)

And I can jump in the air so high.

(Lift baby in the air)

Hippity, hippity, hop.

(Bounce baby on lap)


New Board Books for Babies and Toddlers
hide and peek five busy ducklings twinkle twinkle time for bed


Books for Babies Gift Bags
The Library offers a special bag, containing new children's cardboard books and a parenting book, for parents of newborns.  These Books for Babies bags are for babies from birth to six months old and for Lake Oswego residents only.  Funding for Books for Babies is provided by the Friends of the Library.  Parents can request a bag at the Library check out desk.  For information, please call 503-675-2538.
books for babies photo